Geospatial Consulting Services

Every object present on Earth can be geo-referenced”, is the fundamental key of associating any database to GIS. Term ‘database’ is a collection of information about things and their relationship to each other and ‘geo-referencing’ refers to the location of a layer or coverage in space defined by the co-ordinate referencing system.

Verso can receive the inputs of various domains such as Cadastral maps, Utility maps, Geology maps and engineering or architectural drawing in paper or a scanned image format. Verso will digitize/convert these maps to various digital formats such as DWG, DGN, SHP and MDB etc., and delivers the quality output as per the client requirements.

We are skilled in numerous GIS packages including AutoCAD, Micro Station, ArcGIS, Arc Info, ArcView and MapInfo to name a few, and can easily move data from system to system. Verso has extensive experience in designing and developing databases using the latest database development softwares. When appropriate, we use standard data models as a starting point and then we tailor these models to meet client’s requirements.

Customized GIS applications are developed to streamline everyday workflow. Our programmers/analysts work with you to determine your system’s specifications, your application requirements, and the type of user interface design that will best work for you.

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